Introducing our newest platform to automate fan engagement at scale


This is it! From MVP to 1.0 πŸŽ‰

Nowadays it feels weird to put a number on a software release when you're continuously shipping, learning, and improving. But at the same time, I think it's critical to define a scope, prioritize, and stay focused to ensure your team doesn't burn out from an endless marathon with no finish line. From shipping our first bot for the University of Nevada to the exciting projects we are still rolling out, it's been just a couple months and I can't believe of far we've come. So without further ado let me give you a quick tour of what we've got going on.


All-in-one-place ⚑

A chatbot connected to nothing is pretty dumb... that's why we call ours a Smarbot. Most of the content and information sports fans are interested in is probably already available somewhere. To make our solution truly plug-and-play, and remove any extra work needed from our customers, we created direct integrations with the digital tools they are already using. Then, we added another layer, integrating with the most robust API's for player stats and performances, games results, and more, with the aim to provide fans with a one-stop-shop for everything they need to know about their favorite team.


Network & Analytics πŸ“ˆ

Probably the two features that we are the most excited about. Automated conversations at such a big scale can be overwhelming in terms of the amount of data our customers will now be able to access. Combating this, we spent a lot of time designing a user-friendly interface and easy to understand data visualizations. Additionally, we've developed a proprietary algorithm that can rank fans based on their engagement, identify their biggest advocates, and keep a close eye on the user's journey completion. To better engage with fans through segmenting, we also have developed the ability to create fan cohorts in just a few clicks. Because each organization has different metrics they want to focus on, we made our dashboard adaptive so they can choose what they want to see, allowing them to focus on what's important for their business.


Campaign Management πŸš€

Digital marketing campaigns using direct messaging is fairly new. Because space and elements you're allowed to play with are limited but can be extremely powerful, we decided to develop our own campaign builder. Like every other feature we work on, we focused on making this re-engagement tool very easy-to-use, with drag and drop, edit, and scheduling capabilities. With performances being displayed in real-time showing opening and click rates, this campaign manager also is capable of A/B testing your messages through targeting different segments of your audience.

We know it's just the beginning and it will be a long way to go, but the future looks bright as we believe that we can really make an impact on the whole sports industry by changing the way they engage with their fans at scale through conversational experiences. We're still in private beta, and currently onboarding only a handful of new customers. If you want to book a demo and discover how Creative Bot can power your fan experience please fill out the form below or reach out to us by e-mail.