Shipping our first bot for the football team of the University of Nevada


Today marks the fourth week of our initial launch of the University of Nevada’s Messenger bot. Reaching thousands of their football fans, the bot established a direct line of communication with their audience, keeping them engaged while also uncovering a whole new set of data points and insights.

With the start of the college football season, the Wolf Pack was facing a problem that they share with college teams across the United States, filling their stadiums. Across the nation, game ticket sales are down and reaching out to fans in the traditional marketing channels isn’t helping the bottom line. But more importantly, the lack of data about their fans has made it almost impossible to make better-informed business decisions to try to reverse this trend.


To combat this problem, we decided to create a fan-centric experience on Messenger, hooked on helping users learn more about the team, stay up to date with the games calendar and results, shop the latest merch, and book game tickets all within the conversational flow. To launch the bot, we coordinated weekly giveaways to generate buzz, exposure and incentivize fans to share the experience with their friends. From their relationship to the team, to how many games they have attended, our onboarding flow was designed to begin building fan profiles with the intent of better understanding them. From these newly established profiles, they will be able to paint a more complete picture of what their fans look like and what they really want, which will assist in more successful, and targeted marketing decisions.

Being our first official launch, there were definitely some hurdles to cross, but nothing we couldn’t tackle and improve from. We want to thank Nicholas Beaton, Director of Digital Strategy at the University of Nevada, for trusting our vision, giving us the opportunity to start interacting with real fans, drive results, and continuously improve our product.